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Navigate the Flow details page

Shrawani Bhattarai
Shrawani Bhattarai
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Navigate Flows page in Workflow Studio

The Flow detailsInsert Definition Here page serves as a central point for accessing in-depth information about each flow. This article offers steps on navigating this page, understanding the flow’s state, and utilising available editing options.

Accessing flow information

  1. To begin, click on the eye icon next to any flow listed on the FlowsInsert Definition Here page. This will open the Flow details, where you'll find comprehensive information, including the flow's title, current state, and a brief description if provided.
  2. You can identify the current state of your flow, whether the flow is in use (Active), being designed (Draft), ended (Terminated), or facing issues (Error).

Flow overview and versions pane

The Flow overview pane provides a visual, read-only representation of the flow’s configuration. Additional details can be viewed for some nodes when you select them.

Flow versionsInsert Definition Here pane provides a list all the versions of the flow, allowing you to review the past content and changes made to the flow by selecting different versions from the history.

For a detailed guide on flow states, see Understanding Flow versions and their management

Using edit and more options

To edit a flow, click the Edit button. This action is available for flows in Active and Draft state.

You can only edit flows that are currently active or in a draft state.

For a detailed guide on the process, see Editing activated flows

The More dropdown menu offers additional actions such as Archive, Unarchive, Delete, Duplicate, Drain, and Terminate, depending on the flow's status.

For a detailed guide on flow states, see Manage individual flows in various states