How to
Navigate Flows page in Workflow Studio

Shrawani Bhattarai
Shrawani Bhattarai
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Introduction to Experience and Workflow Studio

The Flows page provides a dashboard view to manage your flowsInsert Definition Here. Flows are fundamental components of a system that perform distinct functions. Nodes can be categorised into triggers and actions, each playing a crucial role in the execution of a flow. They can be configured to customise their behaviour, offering detailed control over the flow's execution.

Flow list

Flows are organised into a table format, where each row corresponds to an individual flow. The following information and functionalities are presented for each flow:

  • Flow: A unique identifier. Clicking on this will direct you to the flow's detailed view.
  • Name: The flow's given name for reference, sortable to organise flows alphabetically.
  • Created: Indicates the creation date of each flow, with the list sorted to show the most recent first.
  • Modified: Shows the date the flow was last updated, sortable to help track recent changes.
  • Trigger: Specifies the triggerInsert Definition Here nodeInsert Definition Here that initiates the flow.
  • Status: Displays the current state of the flow.
  • Action icons
    • View flow: Clicking on the eye icon will take you to the Flow DetailsInsert Definition Here page.
    • Edit flow: The pencil icon will take you to the Flow BuilderInsert Definition Here page.
    • Duplicate flow: Use the duplicate icon to create a copy of the flow. This action will take you to the CanvasInsert Definition Here with a new version of the flow.

Not all flows are editable. Flows that are Archived or Terminated status cannot be edited directly.

For a detailed guide on flow states, see Manage individual flows in various states.

Status indicators

Each flow is accompanied by a colour-coded chip that visually indicates its current status—such as ActiveInsert Definition Here, TerminatedInsert Definition Here, DraftInsert Definition Here or ArchivedInsert Definition Here—offering at-a-glance awareness of the flow's state.

Use the dropdown to view the archived flows. Archived flows are not displayed in the default view but are retained for reference.

Search functionality

Use the search bar to locate flows quickly by Name.


Navigate through multiple flows efficiently with pagination controls, allowing you to set the number of flows per page and move between pages as needed.

Creating a new flow

Select the plus icon to initiate the creation of a new flow.