Getting data in and out of Pendula

Shrawani Bhattarai
Shrawani Bhattarai
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Introduction to Experience and Workflow Studio
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Pendula facilitates data integration with external systems through a structured approach, enabling data exchange through TriggersInsert Definition Here, ActionsInsert Definition Here, Activity SyncInsert Definition Here, and integration with the Workflow & Experience Studio.


Triggers and Actions

Triggers initiate experiencesInsert Definition Here upon meeting certain conditions. These may include events like the receipt of an inbound message or a status update from a CRM system, which then start a flowInsert Definition Here.

Actions constitute the sequence following a trigger. They encompass operations ranging from messaging to HTTP requests, creating the workflow sequence in Pendula.

Webhook trigger

A Webhook trigger initiates a flow within Pendula when an external event occurs. A webhook itself is a method used by applications to send automated notifications over HTTP when something happens. In the context of Pendula, the trigger listens for these notifications, which could be a new form submission or a status update from another service, and begins the flow in response.

Learn more about Webhooks with integrations in the Integrations Hub.

AWS Kinesis trigger

An AWS Kinesis trigger starts a flow based on data received from an Amazon Kinesis stream. Amazon Kinesis is a scalable service from AWS that enables real-time processing of streaming large-scale data, which can be anything from log files to market data. When new data is detected in the stream specified for the trigger, it sets the flow into motion within Pendula.

For more information, see Amazon Kinesis trigger.

Make a web request action

The Web Request action executes HTTP requests to interact with other web services as a step in the flow. HTTP requests are the foundation of data exchange on the internet, used to retrieve web pages, submit form data, or interact with RESTful APIs. In Pendula, this action can make GET, POST, PUT, or PATCH requests to either retrieve data from other services or send data to them.

For a detailed guide, see Make a web request.

Activity Sync

Activity Sync records and aligns all user experiences, with a system of record in JSON format across the entire tenant. This captures every experience within a flow's nodes, yielding a complete record for analytical or compliance uses. Custom Activity Sync offers the capability to direct this data to a selected system of record, such as Salesforce or Amazon Kinesis, accommodating efficient data ecosystem management.

Custom Activity Sync is part of Pendula's premium offering. For access to this feature, please reach out to our sales team who can provide more details and assist with enabling it for your account.

Advanced Integration

Pendula goes beyond basic integrations with a comprehensive Integrations HubInsert Definition Here. For scenarios where an out-of-the-box integration is not available, the Studio allows Pendula users to create one-off custom integrations, leveraging webhook triggers and web request actions for personalised connectivity solutions.

For access to this feature, please reach out to our sales team who can provide more details and assist with enabling it for your account.