What happens when someone is halfway through a previous flow version and a new flow version is activated?

Georgia White
Georgia White

All previous flow versions will be automatically set to 'Draining' status, meaning experiences in the previous flow version will continue to experience the configuration of that flow version.

Consider this flow:

  1. A recipient triggers the flow by replying "Gromit" to the Pendula number. The conversation node sends the recipient an SMS message expecting a reply.
  2. At this point, the Pendula user goes into the flow and edits the Outbound SMS (thereby creating Flow version 2) by changing the last Outbound SMS node, from the message “Flow version 1" to “Flow Version 2”.
  3. The recipient replies “yes” after activating Flow version 2. The recipient receives “Flow Version 1" as the SMS reply from the Conversation node.