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Using flow versions in workflow studio

Shrawani Bhattarai
Shrawani Bhattarai
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Navigate the Flow details page

The Flow version pane within the Flow detailsInsert Definition Here page provides a detailed record of all changes in a flow, allowing you to review and manage different versions of a flow. This article guides you through using the flow versions effectively.

  1. In Flow details, locate the Flow version pane situated to the right. It lists all the iterations of the current flow with their respective states.
  2. Click on any version in the list to see a read-only view of that particular version's configuration on the Flow overviewInsert Definition Here pane. By clicking on the elements within this view, you can access the content of each node and observe how it has evolved across different versions. This feature is especially useful for comparing changes in messaging to analyse their impact on your campaign.
  3. Depending on the state of the flow version you've selected such as ActiveInsert Definition Here, DrainingInsert Definition Here, TerminatedInsert Definition Here, different flow state commands such as DuplicateInsert Definition Here, TerminateInsert Definition Here, or ArchiveInsert Definition Here will be available. Utilise these commands to manage your flow's lifecycle effectively.

For a detailed guide on flow states, see Manage individual flows in various states