Unlock the power of SMS marketing: Connect Talon.One to Pendula with ease

Malcolm Jacobson
Malcolm Jacobson
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Webhooks can be used in Talon.One applications to send promotions to your customers through Pendula's messaging channels.

As Talon.One webhooks are available to any application, you can create them once and then use them in as many campaigns as you want, in any linked application.

For example, if you would like to send coupons to customers via SMS, you can create one Talon.One webhook and one Pendula SMS flow, and then use these any time you want to send coupons via SMS as part of a campaign.

There are two steps to enable this in your Talon.One instance:

  1. Create a Talon.One webhook and link it to your Pendula flow
  2. Select the webhook as an Effect in a campaign rule

Let's step through the process.

Creating a Talon.One webhook to Pendula

In your Talon.One tenant:

  1. Navigate to Account > Tools > Webhooks and click Create Webhook.
  2. Enter a Webhook title that describes the Pendula flow you are sending to.
  3. Select the Applications you want to use the webhook in (note that you can update this list at any time).
  4. Add a parameter with the Param name of api
  5. Enter a Param description for the api key.
  6. Select POST as the Request Verb, and paste the URL of your Pendula webhook into the URL field.
  7. Paste the text Authorization: ${$api} into the first Header field.

    Screenshot 2024-04-04 at 08.33.46.png

  8. In the Request payload field, paste the JSON for the Talon.One attributes you want to send to Pendula. These will depend on your available data. An example payload for some data that is useful for Pendula flows is shown below.
    "name": "${$Profile.Attributes.Name}",
    "email": "${$Profile.Attributes.Email}",
    "phone": "${$Profile.Attributes.Phone}",
    "customerID": "${$Profile.IntegrationId}"
  9. Click Save.

You can now select the webhook as a Rule Effect in any of the applications you have linked.

Selecting the webhook as a Rule Effect

Now that you've created a webhook and linked it to a Pendula flow, you can enable this as an Effect in any Campaign Rule, for any active Campaign that is part of the linked applications.

Screenshot 2024-03-22 at 10.32.03.png

After selecting a webhook, paste the API key for your Pendula tenant into the provided field, using the format Basic <key>, then click Done to apply the key.

Screenshot 2024-03-22 at 10.46.25.png

The webhook is active as soon as you Save your changes, so you can quickly start sending promotions to your customers through Pendula.