FEB 19, 2024 | Build web requests without code, delete API tokens, & bug fixes

Angel Cheung
Angel Cheung
  • Updated

This release includes the following features and improvements.

Release 20240219


  • Added the property builder to the web request node
  • Added the ability to delete inactive API tokens
  • Updated URLs regarding Flow Versions to the correct Help Centre article
  • Fixed a bug where draft flows could not be deleted
  • Updated UI to explain reply expiry errors more clearly

Build web requests without code

body builder.png

In the Make a web request node, you can now easily build the request body in your JSON payloads using the new property builder. In addition, merge fields are validated and the request structure is validated. For advanced users, you can also convert the request to code for further control over the request (for example, object hierarchy is only supported in code.)

Delete inactive API tokens

You can now permanently remove inactive API tokens from Integrations – deleting an API token is now available. Note you must first deactivate a token before deleting. Learn more about this function

delete tokens.png