JAN 15, 2024 | Reply Matching Improvements & Bug fixes

Angel Cheung
Angel Cheung
  • Updated

This release includes the following features and improvements.

Release 20240115


  • Updated the explanation in the flow lifecycle management modals (delete, terminate, draining and duplicate)

Reply Matching Improvements

We've implemented a more sophisticated way for you to build workflows based on anything your customers say! Learn more about how Reply Matching works 

  • Creating a second Unmatched Message trigger prompts a modal with suggestions to address any errors or warnings
  • Improved Conversation Preview in the Conversation Node and Inbound SMS trigger to include a tester to test to any rules or regexes you create
  • New ability to add multiple rules to a Response Path in the Conversation Node and Inbound SMS trigger node
  • Rules in a Response Path can now be moved up and down according to your priorities
  • Convert recipes and rules to a regular expression (available to select customers only – please speak to your Pendula representative for more information)
  • New warning modal for Inbound Triggers, explaining that all triggers will fire
  • Fixed an issue where the Rule Name disappeared after selecting the rule
  • Updated help documentation links across various nodes
  • Fixed an issue where expired replies were still being matched to active Conversations
  • Fixed an issue where an inbound SMS trigger with multiple matchers can trigger more than once from a single message