Connect your Salesforce org to Pendula

Malcolm Jacobson
Malcolm Jacobson
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OAuth 2.0 is a standard for authorising applications to talk to each other.

This article describes how to authenticate a Pendula tenant with a Salesforce org, using OAuth 2.0.

To connect to a Salesforce org from Pendula:

  1. Select Integrations from the main menu. The integrations page shows:
    1. Active connections: applications you have already connected to Pendula
    2. Setup connection: applications you can connect to Pendula
  2. Click the Salesforce tile under the Setup connection heading. This opens the page where you can enter the details of your new connection.
  3. Enter a Name to identify this connection. This value is used as the API Name, and is also the name that can be selected within a flow to choose a particular connection - e.g. Production or Sandbox.
  4. Enter a Description to make it easier to identify this connection from the list.
  5. Select either Production or Sandbox from the Environment drop-down.
  6. Click Connect. If you are not logged into your Salesforce org, this will take you to the login screen so you can log into your org.
  7. Click Allow in the Salesforce window to allow Pendula access to your org.
  8. You will be redirected back to Pendula. Click Save connection.

Authentication is now established with your Salesforce org, and the connection is added to your Active connections list.