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What is the Pendula Community?

How to join and create a user

Where to post

How to create a post

Following posts

How to comment on a post

How to vote on a post

Community guidelines


What is the Pendula Community?

The Community provides you with a forum to post questions and feedback, get help from Pendula experts and keep up to date with our latest product updates and events.


Joining is quick and easy, but will require you to firstly create a user.

How to join and create a user

  1. Click on Sign in in the top right-hand corner of the Help Centre screen

  2. Click on Sign up within the Sign in to Pendula panel

  3. Enter your full name, and work email address into the Sign up to Pendula panel, then click Sign up

  4. Check your inbox for an automated email with the subject Welcome to Pendula. Depending on your inbox settings you may need to check your spam or updates/promotions folder.

  5. Follow the steps within the email to complete the sign-up process

Once you have created your user, you can to continue to browse the Help Centre along with all the topics within the Community.

As long as you are signed-in, you'll also be able to create and follow posts, comment, and vote within the Community.


Where to post

The Community is divided into topics, based on the types of posts and discussion regarding them.

  • Q&A
    Get answers to general questions

  • Tips and tricks
    Share best practice, insights and success stories 

  • Pendula updates
    Announcements regarding new releases and improvements

  • Feature ideas
    Suggest new features or ideas you have for Pendula

  • Known issues
    Known bugs, issues and workarounds

How to create a post

  1. Navigate to the Community and click on New post

  2. Enter a meaningful title and details (depending on what your post is regarding)

  3. Select where you would like to post from the Topic dropdown menu

  4. Click on Submit


Following posts

Once you submit a comment (or you make a comment on a post) you are automatically subscribed to follow that post.

This means you will be notified by email when updates are made to that post, such as someone responding to your post.

Additionally, you can follow other posts or topics in the Community along with sections and articles within the Help Centre to stay in the loop with content if it changes or is updated.


You might like to follow the Pendula updates topic for example, in order to receive notifications whenever a new feature is released.

How to follow a section or topic

  1. Navigate to the section or topic that you want to follow.

  2. Click Follow, then choose notifications for only new articles/posts or for all new articles/posts and comments

If you select new articles/comments, you will only receive email notifications for new articles/posts in the section or topic. If you select articles/posts and comments, you will receive email notifications for all new articles/posts in the section or topic and any new comments.

How to follow an article or post

  1. Navigate to the article or post

  2. Click Follow


You will receive email notifications for any new comments on the article or post; however, you will not receive notifications when the content in the article or post is updated.

How to unfollow content

You can stop following content at any time if you no longer want to receive notifications. 
  • To stop following a section or topic in the section or topic, click Following, then select Unfollow


  • To stop following an article or post in the article or post, click Unfollow.


How to comment on a post

  1. Sign-in and navigate to the Community

  2. Below the post you wish to comment on, enter your text into the text box beneath the Comments section

  3. Click Submit

Your comment will alert any of the post's followers, as well as the Pendula team monitoring comments.


How to vote on a post

Once signed-in, you can vote on an existing post by clicking on the up or down arrows to the right of the title. If your question or suggestion has already been made in the Community, give it a vote!


We use votes to help understand how popular or relevant content in the Community is.


Community guidelines

If you're experiencing a technical issue or wish to report a bug, please contact our Support team at
  • The Community is a forum for discussion between Pendula users and the internal Pendula team

  • All Community members should feel safe, welcome and able to share feedback and ask questions

  • Please keep feedback positive and constructive-we're all humans here!

  • Please be aware that this forum is public and other members can see your contributions-if your post or comments contains personal or confidential information we may edit this and/or move the conversation to a private channel

  • We monitor all contributions and will remove any posts or comments which are considered spam, offensive or otherwise inappropriate

  • If a member is not following these guidelines, we will remove their user privileges