How our customers use Pendula

Angel Cheung
Angel Cheung
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You can derive value and succeed through a variety of different ways:

  • Deliver a better and consistent customer experience at scale
  • Automate manual and time-consuming tasks like emails and phone calls
  • Gain feedback from those that know them best - their customers!
  • Engage customers on their preferred channel of communication

Below are some real-life examples from our current customers.

If you're looking for more inspiration, Pendula has an ever-growing library of many more uses cases across a variety of industry verticals. See Flow templates for more information.


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Intention capture



Applying Pendula to your business


Intention capture 

Working with a small team but need to reach out to a large number of customers?

Streamlining your ability to communicate efficiently and effectively and at scale to capture a customer's intention, takes a significant load off your teams and enables them to focus their efforts elsewhere.

Example: Intention to study




Delivering services, keeping on top of customer appointments and maintaining a high level of service can be hard.

Automating confirmations greatly reduces the risk of 'no-shows', provide peace of mind and an efficient customer experience.

Example: Appointment reminder




Your customers want to talk to you!

Give them a voice and find out what's most important to them. Feedback provides insights that will inform better business decisions and longer and happier customer relationships.

Get answers to questions you haven't yet asked, quicker and easier.

Example: Post-appointment feedback


Applying Pendula to your business

If you are thinking about where else you can apply Pendula to your business, consider:

  • What predictable or repeatable communications do you or your team currently manage manually?

  • What are the consistent or meaningful touchpoints and milestones across your customer lifecycle that you would like to improve upon or easily scale?

  • Are there any processes (internal or external) that could be streamlined by two-way communication?

For further insight into how our customers use Pendula, visit the Customers section of our website.
For more examples of the types of conversations our customers are building with Pendula, visit the Flow templates section of our website.