What is Pendula?

Angel Cheung
Angel Cheung
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Pendula is a conversational SMS and email platform that allows you to easily create exceptional two-way interactions with your customers in minutes.

Pendula is designed to transform the way you communicate with your customers, providing them with a better experience while increasing the scale and efficiency of your business.

All of these things should make your life easier-and your business more successful!


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Pendula can help you

What are the benefits of conversational messaging?


Pendula can help you:

  • shift from broadcast-only communications to conversational messaging

  • take the cost and complexity out of using two-way SMS to engage with your customers

  • take control of and easily automate your interactions across your entire customer life cycle from the one platform

  • manage exceptions and manually respond to customers one-on-one when required

  • integrate with and leverage your existing data

  • provide visibility and reporting

  • capture information and tie back to your data source and existing business processes


What are the benefits of conversational messaging?

  • provide customers with choice, and immediate action

  • hear more from your customers, their feedback is valuable

  • automate responses and actions to save you time and resources