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Introduction to Engagement Hub

Shrawani Bhattarai
Shrawani Bhattarai
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Introduction to Experience and Workflow Studio

Engagement Hub by Pendula allows businesses to interact with customers by connecting and configuring multiple channels such as SMS, Email, WhatsApp, and Push notifications, ensuring messages are timely, relevant, and engaging. Together with the Experience and Workflow Studio, it supports creating simple or complex customer journeys with multiple touch-points, ensuring seamless communication based on individual customer preferences.

What can you accomplish

Multi-channel, multi-step Flows

Connecting channels through the Engagement Hub supports the coordination of messaging across various channels from a single, centralised interface. This allows businesses to construct tailored journeys for customers, handling unique preferences at scale.

  • Design and manage customer journeys.
  • Integrate multiple channel touch-points within a single workflow.
  • Deliver personalised and scalable customer interactions.

To get started, see
Working with SMS
Working with Email
Push notifications

Two-way conversations with reply matching

Engagement Hub enables dynamic two-way conversations based on customer responses through reply matching. This feature allows businesses to create interactive flows that respond appropriately to customer inputs. By matching replies to predefined keywords or patterns, businesses can guide customers through a personalised journey.

  • Configure rules and recipes to manage expected replies.
  • Implement conversation nodes to handle various customer responses.

To get started, see Best practices for reply matching.

Fallback configuration

Engagement Hub ensures no customer interaction is left unresolved with its fallback configuration and delivery tracking features. Easily set up fallback, follow-up, and success messages through the builder canvas, and track the delivery status of emails and SMS messages to ensure your communications are effective.

  • Configure fallback and follow-up messages to ensure message delivery.
  • Track email and SMS delivery outcomes.
  • Guarantee that essential communications reach their intended recipients.

To get started, see Working with SMS.