MAY 27, 2024 | Node outcomes: Outbound email, 'No reply' path

Alex Pribula
Alex Pribula
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This release includes the following features and improvements.

Release 20240527

Node outcomes for Outbound email

email node outcomes.png

Personalise experiences based on the outcome of an Outbound email step. For instance, if an email fails to send, or bounces, you can enable the 'Rejected' path to contact a customer via SMS or take an alternate action instead. Learn more about what will happen to your existing flows, and other FAQs.

Navigate to the Outcomes tab in the Outbound email node to learn more about the 'Sent' and optional 'Rejected' path. Learn more about Outbound email outcomes.

The experience will continue on this path if the email is opened or a link within is clicked, or if no failures occur within 10 minutes (wait time). This wait time is configurable by clicking on the pencil icon.

You can account for transient events like soft bounces by configuring the wait time to 15 hours.

If an email bounces, or if a failure occurs within 10 minutes (wait time), the node outcome is 'Rejected'. The 'Rejected' path can be enabled to continue experiences that result in 'Rejected'.

'No reply' outcome updates for Conversation node

'No reply' path
The 'No reply' outcome now has the ability to enable the 'No reply' path. You can toggle the path switch on the Outcomes tab: no reply outcome.png

...and the path will appear on the canvas, allowing you to place nodes on the 'No reply' path. For instance, you could use the 'No reply' path to automatically send an SMS to recipients informing them the offer window (reply expiry period) has elapsed.

no reply path.png

Updates to the 'No reply' expiry period
The 'No reply' expiry period can now be configured to minutes or hours, in addition to the existing days. This is useful when you only want to listen to replies for shorter windows; for instance with short time offers or when testing conversational flows.

no reply outcome.png

The 'No reply' expiry period is configurable by clicking on the pencil icon.

Bug fixes & improvements

  • The flow layout algorithm has been rewritten and will now display more complex flows correctly
  • A bug where End nodes were merged has been fixed
  • Web request logging is now more useful in History