Segmenting audience using Workflow nodes

Shrawani Bhattarai
Shrawani Bhattarai
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Working with Actions in Workflow Studio

Segmentation enables targeting specific subsets of an audience at any point within a communication flow. Pendula supports this through Criteria Filter and Criteria Split nodes, which segment recipients based on real-time data.

Criteria nodes segment recipients by evaluating real-time data. This segmentation enhances the effectiveness of communications by aligning them with the recipients’ current status or recent interactions. Creative and intelligent use of segmentation with multi-channel workflow allows you to seamlessly nurture your audience from initial engagement to brand advocate.

Criteria-based segmentation examples

Segment recipients within a flow by combining filters based on behavioural, demographic, social or custom attributes within your system of customer data. Any data you can send to Pendula, you can use to create tailored and unique experiences.

  • Use criteria nodes to ensure communications are sent only to recipients who have not opted out. For instance, verify whether the 'optedOut' attribute in a CRM record is 'false' to filter and continue the flow with these recipients.
  • Employ criteria to target recipients based on their recent engagement. By establishing a criterion to identify if 'lastCommunication' occurred less than five days prior, you can effectively engage active users with timely follow-ups or incentives.
  • Segment recipients by their channel preferences to ensure the message is delivered (and read) on their favourite channel.
  • Complex audience building with nested groups in criteria nodes.
  • Use multiple segments throughout a flow to enhance the personalisation of your campaigns; Pendula’s Flow Builder supports the integration of multiple criteria splits, allowing you to tailor the journey based on customer replies or generative AI inputs.


Using advanced criteria nodes

Pendula enhances recipient segmentation through two workflow nodes:

Criteria Filter

This node assesses each recipient against predefined criteria. Recipients meeting the criteria continue on the "pass" path, while others are diverted to the "fail" path, streamlining the segmentation process for binary decision-making.

For a detailed guide on configuration, see Criteria Filter Workflow Action

Criteria Split

This node facilitates complex decision-making by directing recipients along multiple conditional paths. Recipients are evaluated sequentially against each path's criteria; the first matching path is chosen, or a default "Other" path if no criteria are met.

For a detailed guide on configuration, see Criteria Split Workflow Action