FEB 12, 2024 | Zoom & web request improvements

Alex Pribula
Alex Pribula
  • Updated

This release includes the following features and improvements.

Release 20240212


  • Added the ability to zoom in and out the flow builder canvas
  • Added ability to view web request configurations on the Flow details screen
  • Updated Integrations to include 'Web request credentials'

Zoom in and out


  • Zoom in and out the canvas to help with navigation
    • You can use the slider to zoom
    • You can use the zoom in and out icons
    • You can zoom out to 40% and zoom in to 140%
    • Hotkeys are supported (for instance, CMD + and CMD -)
  • Native browser zoom is still supported through your browser's interface

View web request configurations

web request view only.png

  • When viewing flow details (selecting the 'View' icon for a flow on the flow list screen), you can now select web request nodes to view their configuration
    • This includes the request type, endpoint URL, which credentials were used, and the entire raw outbound request

Web request credentials

web request credentials.png

  • Add authentication to web requests by selecting 'Web request credentials' on the integrations page
    • You can save a bearer token, request headers, or a username & password
    • You can select from saved credentials when using Make a web request

Learn more about how to authenticate web requests here, and how to make a web request here.