JAN 29, 2024 | Criteria split node & API token updates

Alex Pribula
Alex Pribula
  • Updated

This release includes the following features and improvements.

Release 20240129


  • Added Criteria split
  • Added the ability to deactivate and reactivate API tokens

Criteria split


We've added a new node, Criteria split, as a companion to Criteria filter. Criteria split allows you to build multiple 'criteria paths', and check recipients against the criteria for each path. If it's a match, the recipients follows the corresponding path. Learn more about segmentation and Criteria split here.

  • Multiple criteria paths can be created
  • Criteria paths can be duplicated, and deleted
  • Criteria paths can be given helpful names that appear as outcomes on the flow canvas
  • Matching priority (if a recipient matches multiple paths) can be determined by moving criteria paths higher and lower (highest path takes priority)

API token updates

We've added the ability to deactivate and reactivate API tokens, allowing you to securely rotate Pendula tokens in your connected systems.

In Integrations, there are new actions available for generated API tokens that allows you to toggle their state. 'Active' tokens can be deactivated and set to 'Inactive' at any time via the 'Deactivate' action, and 'Inactive' tokens can be reactivated and set to 'Active' at any time via the 'Reactivate' action. Learn more about API tokens here.

Note that tokens can take up to 60 seconds to change state.