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In History, you can view a log of all experiences, inbound and outbound messages from your tenant. This is helpful when you need to troubleshoot or perform a deeper flow analysis.

All timestamps in this page are based on Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). Remember to refresh to display the latest updates.

All experiences

See a log of when all experiences across your flows have started, completed or errored.

There are 3 possible statuses for an experience:

  • Start: An experience is 'started' after a trigger has been successfully fired.
  • Complete: An experience has been completed without errors from the default Pendula nodes.
  • Error: An experience has not been completed and is 'stuck' on a node due to a workflow operation error (e.g. invalid mergefield used in a node, invalid formula used in a criteria filter). The error state does not capture trigger failures.

Troubleshooting experience errors

Pendula flows can have a status of Error for a number of reasons. Common errors include:

Example error message Description
found: '}' Reply yes or
no {{inboundSMSTrigger_1} ^
Mergefield formatting error for {{inboundSMSTrigger_1} has been found.

Ensure all mergefields have a double curly bracket ({{inboundSMSTrigger_1}})
Not found: please

In the example below, the Criteria Split has an invalid formula. The "Please" field cannot be compared to the the Inbound Message trigger keyword "Help".


Criteria filter's flow criteria is incorrectly written, and cannot not be processed. Read more on how Criteria Split formulas can be written.


For any other errors experienced, please log a ticket for further support from our Pendula team.

All outbound message events

See an event log of all outbound messages sent from your tenant. An outbound message is any communication sent from Pendula to the recipient – for example, a SMS or an email message.

Columns of interest include:

Contact: The message recipient's number

From: The sender number the message is sent from. By default, "–" is shown. To identify your sender number, please contact Pendula.

Message body: The SMS or email message body sent. Email message bodies are truncated to the first 100 characters.

Status: These are the possible statuses for an outbound message:

  • Delivered:An outbound message has been successfully sent to the carrier for delivery to the recipient.
  • Sent to gateway: An outbound message has been sent to an internal gateway and ready to be sent.
  • Opened: (Email only) An email has been marked as opened by an email client.
    Please note each email client follows a different criteria to mark an email as 'opened'. For this reason, Pendula does not encourage relying on this state as a performance metric.
  • Failed: An outbound message has failed to send. Check error message to troubleshoot.
  • Expected reply expired: An outbound message has expired, future inbound messages will not match against this message

Outbound message errors

Error message Description
Bad request


Invalid mobile number

An error has occurred in midst of message delivery.

Check that your recipient's number is in E.164 format. These are formatted:

  • [+] [country code] [recipient's number including area code]
  • Max. 15 digits, no spaces
  • e.g. +61411111111
Email address does not exist
Check that your recipient's email address is valid.
Recipients mailbox full
Your recipient's mailbox is full. Try contacting your recipient via an alternate method or flow.
Could not collect statuses from carrier

This occurs when Pendula does not receive a delivery update from the SMS or email carrier. This means the success/failure of the message delivery cannot be confirmed.

  • For email, monitor this status for up to 12 hours after delivery. This error may stem from a failed delivery attempt (e.g. soft bounce), however attempts to deliver this message will continue for up to 12 hours. Upon delivery success, this status will automatically change to "Delivered".

All inbound messages

See a log of all inbound messages received in your tenant. An inbound message is an SMS sent to your Pendula number.

These are the possible Matched Types for an inbound message:

  • Exact Match (Conversation): An inbound message has been matched to the is exactly rule in a Conversation Node.
  • Rule Match (Conversation): An inbound message has been matched to a free response, a rule or recipe in a Conversation Node.
  • Exact Match (Trigger): An inbound message has been matched to the is exactly rule in an Inbound SMS Trigger Node.
  • Rule Match (Trigger): An inbound message has been matched to a free response, a rule or recipe in a Inbound SMS Trigger Node.
  • Unmatched: An inbound message has not been matched to any Conversation nodes or Inbound message triggers. If a flow with the Unmatched Message Trigger has been set up, the message sender will now have an experience triggered in this flow.


Where the filter is a 'Contains...' filter, your search value is case-sensitive.

Note: The From filter only filters through values that does not contain -.


Each table can be exported in different formats (CSV, XLSX, JSON, and PNG). The file exported will display the first 1 million rows as arranged in the table.


  1. Refresh the page to ensure the latest data is displayed.
  2. Hover over the ellipsis icon in the top right hand corner of the tile you wish to export. Select format and download as required.