Integrate Pendula with any data source

Angel Cheung
Angel Cheung
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Integrate Pendula with any external data source or application to leverage the data for your flows customised to your connected integration.

In this article, you'll learn about how integrations work, and how to get started.

How integrations work

When you connect an external application or data source to Pendula, you will pass account information from one account to another. To connect an external account to your Pendula account, you need to verify the integration by creating or providing credentials through Integrations page.

You can browse and select the specific app or select the following:

  • Web request credentials: Securely store credentials such as bearer tokens, username & password or request headers to authenticate web requests to external services. This can be used to send data from a flow in real-time to external services.
  • API Token: Generate an API token to authenticate inbound webhooks and use the webhook trigger.