Setting up Amazon Kinesis for Pendula: Checklist

Angel Cheung
Angel Cheung
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In order to fully integrate Pendula to your Amazon Kinesis stream, there are number of configurations that need to be made on the AWS Management Console:

1. Create a Data Stream.

2. Create an IAM User.

Once the user has been created, please store the Access Key ID and Secret Access Key in somewhere private as these credentials will be required when adding an integration in Pendula.

3. Create an IAM Policy with the following actions that will allow Pendula to read from and write to a stream.


4. Create a S3 Bucket where you wish your streaming data being delivered to.

5. Create a Delivery Stream and specify the data stream and S3 bucket.

Once setup in the AWS Management Console is complete, you can head back into Pendula to add this integration.